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Amazed and honored to have The Perfect Close listed by BookAuthority as the 21st best sales book of all time. I’m honored to be included with such amazing thought leaders! Thank you John Tighe! Your program was instrumental in my book’s success. We’ve sold over 20,000 copies so far. The Perfect Close has been a huge success and I’m grateful.

James Muir

#1 Bestselling Author of The Perfect Close

James Muir

Put simply, John Tighe is the real deal. I have had the opportunity to work with John directly and he truly delivers. In fact, working with John I was able to launch one of my books to become an international bestseller, while getting almost 10,000 downloads of another. If you’re looking to become a bestselling author and to leverage your book to generate leads, John is the guy to help you do it.

Corey Poirier

Multiple TEDx Speaker and #1 Bestselling Author

John made this whole process so manageable for me after I spent a couple of years thinking about writing this book and being intimidated by it! And with John’s guidance my book became a #1 bestseller easily. The book has only been out a few weeks and it’s already helping me gain more prestige in my field and targeted leads to clients and B2B referral sources. John’s assistance has been vital and exceptional.

Lisa McNair Palmer

Lawyer and #1 Bestselling Author

Lisa Palmer square
Jamie Cohen compressed

John is a masterful communicator and teacher who walks his talk and who radiates integrity. I highly recommend John to any business owner who wants to grow their credibility in their field and become a thought leader.

Jamie Mason Cohen

TEDx Speaker and #1 Bestselling Author

I love the 80/20 Principle approach that John takes to successful book marketing. As he explains, there are thousands of things you could do to promote your book, but most of your results will come from just a handful – and John has identified the ones that will make the biggest difference.

Chris Attwood

New York Times Bestselling Author of The Passion Test

Chris Attwood compressed
Jane Bayler compressed

John was absolutely instrumental in making my book a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic and launching in all three formats – print, audiobook and kindle. I literally couldn’t have done it without him. So I highly recommend John. He’s not just a publisher he’s also a very experienced and knowledgeable marketer and that’s, of course, what you need if you’re launching a business book.

Jane Bayler

Consultant and #1 Bestselling Author

I approached John to run my book launch. The results far exceeded my expectations. As well as hitting #1 bestseller in all of its target categories the book has gone on to sell tens of thousands of copies, received more than 200 five star reviews from readers, while generating thousands of targeted leads for my business. As well as being an absolute expert at what he does John is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

Erlend Bakke

Entrepreneur and #1 Bestselling Author

Erlend Bakke compressed
Marci Shimoff compressed

Promoting books online creates a different set of challenges to those you face when marketing a physical book. John guides you expertly through these challenges and makes the process clear and easy to understand.

Marci Shimoff

New York Times Bestselling Author (15 million books sold)

John’s encyclopedic understanding of the publishing maze and his clear presentations were always top-notch. Whenever I received material from him I had no doubt it was the correct path to take. This saved me a ton of time and stress. Of course results are what matter and my book became an Amazon #1 Bestseller within 48 hours of launch.

Chuck Rockroad

CEO and #1 Bestselling Author

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